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This Privacy Policy is effective as of January 10th, 2013 for (the “Site”). Cambridge Mercantile Realty (Mercantile Realty) strives to protect your privacy both online and off, and warrants that no personal identifying information will be provided to third parties without explicit permission unless required by law or other governmental/judicial mandates. Please read below for an outline of the various ways that data from web visitors may be acquired or used by Mercantile Realty.

Browser Data Collection

The Site may collect certain data if the visitor’s web browser is configured such that it automatically provides it to our web server. This may include the visitor’s Internet Protocol address, geographical location, or website from which the visitor followed a link to reach the Site.

Contact/Request Form Data

When a visitor to the Site fills in one of our Contact or Information Request forms, the data provided by the visitor will exclusively be used (to the best of our knowledge and understanding) to fulfill said request. Identifying details, email addresses, telephone numbers, names, and other details will not be used or disclosed for any other purpose.

We request that you notify us immediately if you feel that the terms of this policy have been inadvertently or otherwise breached. Mercantile Realty reserves the right to make changes as needed to our Privacy Policy, and such changes will take effect once posted on the Site.

Please also review our Legal Information.

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